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DSL 96-12
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                 December 19,1996
 DISPOSAL DATE:  January 1, 1998

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Gerald A. Born Administrator
Division of Supportive Living


Susan N. Dreyfus, Administrator
Division of Children and Family Services

  J. Jean Rogers, Administrator
Division of Economic Support
Department of Workforce Development


We are pleased to inform you that the state has contracted with Maximus Inc. to review Wisconsin's claiming of reimbursable expenditures under Foster Care, Welfare Reform Savings, Aid to Families with Dependent Children - Emergency (AFDC-Emergency) and Medical Assistance (MA) Programs. There are potential areas within these programs where the state and counties/tribes could be claiming additional federal reimbursement.

Under the state contract, Maximus will review Wisconsin's claiming procedures in Foster Care, Welfare Reform Services, AFDC-Emergency and MA and then make recommendations based on their research for improvements in the state's claiming of federal dollars. Maximus is to research and identify federal funding that currently is not claimed, but could be claimed and then work with counties/tribes to calculate the expenses that could be claimed for federal reimbursement. The responsible state agency for each program area will review the recommendations and authorize Maximus to complete the activities and paperwork necessary for the federal claim.

Maximus staff will be responsible for developing and submitting all the necessary paperwork, documentation, and justification for the federal claim in each area to the appropriate state agency for transmittal to the federal government. Therefore, Maximus staff will do most of the work in the county/tribal agency to develop the claims. The intent is to both identify additional federal revenues that can be claimed now and create permanent ongoing improvements to the state's federal claim procedures.

We are excited about the prospects for increasing federal revenue to support programs and services in Wisconsin. This effort will only be successful with the full involvement and cooperation of county/tribal agencies who administer the programs. After the initial research and analysis phase, the bulk of the Maximus work effort will be with individual county/tribal agencies to pull together the necessary information from local agency records to support the federal claims.

As specific work plans are developed with Maximus for each program area, we will coordinate our plans with the affected county/tribal agencies. A major portion of additional federal revenues generated through this project will be returned to counties/tribes. The amount will vary by program area and legislation may be needed in some cases. In any case, the state is committed to the approach that this effort will generate additional funds to support programs and services at the local level.


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