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          April 21, 2006


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From:  Burnie Bridge
Re: 2005 Wisconsin Act 113; Manufacturing Methamphetamine as a Form of Child Abuse

2005 Wisconsin Act 113 expands the definition of "abuse" under s. 48.02(1), Stats., to include the manufacture of methamphetamine in certain circumstances. It creates s. 48.02(1)(g), Stats., which states that manufacturing methamphetamine is child abuse in the following circumstances:

1. With a child physically present during the manufacture.
2. In a child's home, on the premises of a child's home, or in a motor vehicle located on the premises of a child's home.
3. Under any other circumstances in which a reasonable person should have known that the manufacture would be seen, smelled, or heard by a child.

Wisconsin Act 113 also adds the manufacturing of methamphetamine as a ground for court jurisdiction under s. 48.13(3) and (3m), Stats. This additional type of abuse should not increase workloads for child protective services (CPS), since CPS has been receiving and responding to such reports under the current statutory definition of neglect.

Currently, eWiSACWIS contains the following seven types of abuse:

  • physical abuse/injury

  • sexual intercourse/contact

  • sexual exploitation

  • prostitution

  • forced viewing of sexual activity

  • exposure

  • emotional abuse

The June release of eWiSACWIS will include "manufacturing methamphetamine" as the eighth category of abuse. Until that code is available in eWiSACWIS, counties that receive a report of manufacturing methamphetamines in a child's presence or home should continue to code it as neglect. This is necessary to assure that data for the various current categories of abuse is not compromised for the 2006 calendar year.

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ACT 113 WEBSITE: http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2005/data/acts/05Act113.pdf 

WI Wisconsin Act 113 (PDF, 13 kb)

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