DCFS INFO MEMO 2003 - 03

   March 25, 2003

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Kitty Kocol


Permanency Plan Template and Form


We have recently created changes to the permanency plan template in WiSACWIS to reflect changes in federal and state law. This is now the required format for all counties currently using WiSACWIS. This template is one of several that, after consultation with the Wisconsin County Human Services Association, we are "freezing" in WiSACWIS. Freezing means that all counties will be required to use this format without change, although counties could add information to the template if they so choose.

Any templates that this Division "freezes" in WiSACWIS will become the financial responsibility of the Division if statutory or regulatory changes require changes to the template. However, if a county adds to the template, the county will be responsible for the cost of any changes to its modified template should such changes to the template be required.

We have now finalized a non-WiSACWIS version of the permanency plan template. While counties not yet using the automated system are not required to use this template, we recommend that counties begin using it to facilitate transition to the automated system.

The permanency plan template (Form CFS-2132) can be found at the web site identified below. We will not be issuing paper copies of this form.

You may access this form at: http://dhfs.wisconsin.gov/wisacwis/knowledge_web/Helpdesk/template_mapping.htm 


Area Administrator


Connie Klick, Manager
Child Welfare/
Family Violence Programs Section
P.O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708-8916
Phone: (608) 266-1489
FAX: (608) 264-6750
E-Mail: klickcl@dhfs.state.wi.us

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