DCFS INFO MEMO 2002 - 17

 September 18, 2002

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Susan N. Dreyfus


Foster Parent Training Dollars


This memo is to update you on the status of funding allocated to regions for foster parent training. As of the new state fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002, the amount of General Purpose Revenue (GPR) set aside for regional foster parent training in the Department of Health and Family Services has been removed from the budget and is no longer available. This was done to meet required GPR reduction requirements with a goal of not affecting Community Aids or direct services.

The Division of Children and Family Services is committed to supporting counties in accessing alternative funds for competency-based training. Currently, we have developed an application for counties to access a direct Title IV-E pass through to fund preservice training for foster parents. The goals outlined in this application provide foster parents with competency-based training and skills in order to more successfully work with children. The training framework also encourages both foster parents and social workers to work as a team. The Training Partnerships are available to assist and support counties with training materials and other resources. The numbered memo explaining the program and the application should be distributed in late August.

In the current budget climate, this proposal will help counties access more federal money to support foster parent training. In addition, the Division will work closely with child welfare staff, the training partnerships and foster parents in developing a mechanism to enhance or develop ongoing training for foster parents that is eligible for the direct Title IV-E pass-through of funds.

Thank you for all your work with Wisconsin foster families.



Area Administrators


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