February 17, 1999

Department of Health and Family Services
Division of Children and Family Services

To: Area Administrators/Assistant Area Administrators
DCFS Bureau Directors
DSL Bureau Directors
Child Caring Institution Administrators
County Departments of Community Programs Directors
County Departments of Developmental Disabilities Directors
County Departments of Human Services Directors
County Departments of Social Services Directors
DCTF Central Office Staff
DCTF Institute/Center Directors Program
From: Susan N. Dreyfus
Re: 1999 Rates for Residential Child Caring Institutions

The child caring institutions (CCIs) listed on the reverse side have established 1999 rates for their services and have notified our Department of these rates as required by Section 46.037, Wis. Stats. We are pleased to share this information with you.

Current and future referrals to child caring institutions should reflect the rate to be paid as listed in this communication. You will be notified of any future changes involving CCI rate activity which might be made.

1 West Wilson Street
P. O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708-8916
(608) 266-3728
cc Bureau of Fiscal Services, Division of Management & Technology
Division of Juvenile Corrections/DOC
Tribal Chairpersons/Human Services Managers


1999 RATES


Child Caring Institutions Monthly Daily
Benet Lake Child and Adolescent Treatment Center NA 225.00
Carmelite Home, Inc. NA 178.85
Career Youth Development Center NA 140.00
Chileda Habilitation Institute 7,788 256.04
*Eau Claire Academy NA 204.62
Family and Children’s Center NA 165.00
Family Service Association of Brown County NA 194.00
Homme Youth and Family Programs 5,749 189.01
Homme Youth & Family Programs - Journey Quest 6,205 204.00
Homme Youth & Family Programs - Type II 6,053 199.00
Lad Lake NA 198.80
Lakeview Nuerorehab Ctr. Midwest, Inc. No Notification Received
LSS Youth Treatment Center of Washington Co. NA 163.00
*Martin Center, Inc. NA 165.00
Mercy Cooperative Child Institute NA 190.00
New Horizon Center, Inc. NA 164.00
New Horizon Center - A Positive Outlook NA 162.00
Norris Adolescent Center 4,905 169.32
Northwest Passage and Passage II NA 165.00
Northwest Assessment Center
     Behavioral Assessment NA 165.00
     Clinical Assessment NA 183.00
Northwoods Youth Camp 4,563 150.02
Oconomowoc Developmental Training Center 6,803 223.66
     Intensive Needs Unit 9,065 298.03
Rawhide, Inc. NA 167.53
Rawhide, Inc. - About Face NA 177.53
Rawhide, Inc. - Catch NA 75.53
Rawhide, Inc. - Catch Plus NA 97.07
St. Aemilian - Lakeside
     Phase I - Residential 5,879 193.28
     Phase I Plus - Residential 6,729 221.23
     Phase I Sex Offenders Program 6,321 207.81
St. Charles, Inc.
     Continuum of Care - Boys NA 185.00
     Continuum of Care - Girls NA 185.00
St. Coletta School (08/01/98 - 07/31/99) 4,468 146.89
St. Rose Residence, Inc. - Main Unit NA 199.38
Sunburst Youth Homes, Inc.
     Regular Program NA 194.79
     Sexual Offenders Program NA 194.79
Taylor Home, Inc. 4,350 143.00
Taylor Home - Type 2 5,186 170.50
Tellurian UCAN, Inc. - APOGEE 5,397 177.42
Tomorrow’s Children 5,163 169.74
Transitus House No Notification Received
Turning Point - Girls II Women-Parenting NA 144.37
*Willowglen Academy, Inc. NA 209.90
*Wyalusing Academy NA 176.96

*Denotes proprietary status

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