October 17, 1997


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From: Susan N. Dreyfus
Division of Children and Family Services
Donald N. Wamke, Director
Bureau of Fiscal Services
Division of Management & Technology
Re: MAXIMUS Income Augmentation Efforts


As transmitted in the January 1, 1997 and March 6, 1997 notices to all counties and tribes, MAXIMUS, Inc. was contracted with the State to review Wisconsin's claiming of reimbursable expenditures under Foster Care (IV-E) and Medical Assistance (XIX) where the State and counties/tribes could be claiming additional federal reimbursement. This effort is an important part of the IV-E Incentive Proposal that was proposed as part of the Governor's budget and has been signed into law.

As part of the Title IV-E component of the effort, MAXIMUS has recently completed a review of 9,000 Title IV-E and Medicaid eligibility file folders for all Title IV-E ineligible children who were in placement for more than four months, any time after April 1, 1995. The problems identified by the review and the plans to address these problems are identified in this memorandum. A full social service file review of 1,200 non-Milwaukee county cases and 500 Milwaukee county cases is now underway.

Additional claims were/can be submitted as a result of the case review for children who were IV-E eligible but placed in an un-reimbursable setting, awaiting appropriate court determination, or receiving SSI benefits. As you are aware, these children's placement costs are not reimbursable but their case management costs can be claimed. Other claims were for cases that the county eligibility determination staff had determined to be ineligible but the MAXIMUS review revealed information which allowed the child's eligibility to be changed to IV-E eligible.

MAXIMUS review revealed information which allowed the child's eligibility to be changed to IV-E eligible.

In addition to the IV-E case review, MAXIMUS conducted a thorough cost allocation analysis including a statewide county survey and six (6) county visits which has resulted in claiming additional costs.

The case review provided MAXIMUS a good overview of the counties' IV-E eligibility practices. In general, fewer problems were encountered in the basic IV-E determination decision process than MAXIMUS has encountered in conducting similar case reviews in other states, although the review did reveal rather significant problems in system and/or procedures. Even with the fairly positive findings, a number of problems and issues identified in Attachment A must be addressed to assure full reimbursement of eligible costs.

Within the next several weeks, a notice of IV-E eligibility regional training sessions will be transmitted to your attention. Please take advantage of this training and the subsequent technical assistance to guarantee that both the counties and the State benefit from the maximum amount of federal reimbursement.

Your cooperation in the MAXIMUS case review and the resolution of the issues/problems identified is greatly appreciated.

Division of Children & Family Services
Dave Richards
Joe Kauzlarich MAXIMUS, Inc.

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