DCFS INFO MEMO 97 -04 APRIL 10, 1997
DSL INFO MEMO 97-08   


To:  Integrated Services Project Directors
Family Preservation and Support Sites
From:  Gerald Born, Administrator
Division of Supportive Living
Susan N. Dreyfus, Administrator
Division of Children and Family Services
Re: Collaboration Between Integrated Services Projects and Family Preservation and Support Sites

 The Interagency Council for Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) and Their Families membership is comprised of all the state departments, divisions and bureaus that have impact on the lives of children with SED. The purpose of the Council is to improve interagency collaboration, identify barriers to service delivery, and recommend changes which will assist in improving services for children with SED at the state and local level.

This memo is intended as follow-up to a recent Council discussion regarding improving collaboration between Integrated Services Projects and Family Preservation and Support programs. A common goal for both initiatives is to reduce the number of out-of-home placements of children and to keep families safely together. The Council believes that there is potential for significant consumer overlap between these two programs and that both programs and families could benefit from working more collaboratively. We are aware of some good examples of existing collaboration between these two programs. We want to stimulate more communication and discussion about the common interests and needs between Integrated Service Projects and Family Preservation and Support programs.

We want to encourage more local collaboration by sharing the names of program contacts (see attached list), and suggest that program representatives explore how they might mutually enhance and strengthen their capacity to serve families by working more closely together and sharing resources. For example, the Integrated Services Projects may want to consider inviting Family Preservation and Support to be a member of the projects' coordinating committee. Also, the Integrated Services Projects could be a valuable partner in Family Preservation and Support Site planning and implementation. In order to open up more communication and discussion, Judy Sikora, Bureau of Community and Family Development, speak at the March Integrated Services Projects Directors meeting and George Hulick, Bureau of Community Mental Health, will attend a Family Preservation and Support Technical Assistance Team meeting. Finally, we encourage Family Preservation and Support programs to refer children with SED to the Integrated Services Projects in their community.

We hope that better collaboration between Integrated Services Projects and Family Preservation and Support initiatives will result in children with SED remaining at home with their families. If you have any questions or would like more information please call George Hulick at (608) 266-0907 or Judy Sikora at (608) 266-2018.

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