DCF Records Retention/Disposition Authorizations

Statewide General Records Schedules
Division of Early Care & Education
Division of Safety & Permanence
Division of Family & Economic Security
Division of Management Services
Secretary's Office
Closed RDAs

126 Communication Series-Numbered Memos and Information Memos
271 Contract Records
278 Financial Files
283 Monitoring Reports
284 Notices to Customers
285 State Applications
293 Case Records
316 Policy Notes
317 Administrator's Memo
330 Administrative Subject Files
Division of Early Care & Education
372 Certification Files - Approved and Denied Facilities
373 Regulation Reports
682 Licensing Files – Approved Facilities
682A Licensing Files – Denied/Revoke Facilities
682B Licensing Files – Purged Material
682C Licensing Files - Unlicensed Complaints
376 Program Integrity Investigation Files - WI Shares Violation
Division of Safety & Permanence
176 State/County/Tribal Contract
197 Subsidized Adoption Fiscal Records
375 Serious Incident Notifications and Reports
379 Credit Reports
400 Licensing Files - Approved Facilities
400A Licensing Files - Denied/Revoked Facilities
400C Licensing Files - Unlicensed Complaints
401 Kinship Care Files
500A Adoption Case Records - Microfilm
629 Guardianship Cases Legal Folders
685C Foster / Adoptive Home Licensing Files - Statewide
962 Paternal Interest Registry
962A Paternal Interest Registry - Court inquiry
962B Paternal Interest Card Index
1081 Title IV-E Eligibility
1083 Independent Living work Plans
1087 A-H Wisconsin Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (WiSACWIS)
Division Family & Economic Security
265 Division Program Survey
265A Division Program Survey
273A W-2 Correspondence
288 Customer Survey - Participants and Employers - Paper
288A Customer Survey - Participants Data Files and Results
319B W-2 Manuals
371 Kids Information Data System (KIDS)
371A Kids Information Data System - Input Files
371B Kids Information Data System - Database Tables
371C Kids Information Data System – Outputs
340 W-2 Contract and Grant Audit Records
Division of Management Services
269 Civil Rights Compliance
309 Returned Mail-Tax Intercept Program
352 Delinquent Overpayment Collections
Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services
1057 Child Protective Services Case Files
Secretary's Office
374 Rehabilitation Review Request
152 Destruction Listing Files (Superseded by REC00005)
182 Personnel Files (Superseded by PERS15, PERS16, PERS70, PERS71)
272 Contract and Grant Audits (Superseded by RDA280)
273 Correspondence (Superseded by ADM00010 & ADM00011)
279 Focus Groups and Listening Session - Notes (Superseded by ADM00026)
279A Focus Groups and Listening Session - Reports  (Superseded by ADM00026)
280 Grant Management Records (Superseded by ADM00013)
287 Internal Surveys (Superseded by ADM00024)
315 Program Policy Memo Updates - Paper (Superseded by RDA317)
315A Program Policy Memo Updates - Electronic (Superseded by RDA317)
318 Complaints (Superseded by ADM00007)
319 Manuals (Superseded by ADM00023)
344 Conference Materials (Superseded by ADM00012)
636 Controlled Assignment Correspondence (Superseded by ADM00010 & ADM00011)
685A Adoptive Home Files/Request Withdrawn - Statewide (Superseded by RDA685C)
711 Contingency Plans-Working Files (Superseded by ADM0008)

Closed RDAs

00001 Guardianship Case Files
00001A Guardianship Case Files - Microfilm
00001B Guardianship Case files - Unpurged (Ending Record Series)
125 Printing/Mailing Services Log
126F Communication Series-IOMs
126G Communication Series -PDF versions
193 Special Benefits Case Files
194 Special Benefits Leger Cards
196 Foster Home Contingent Fund Cancelled Checks
258 Foster/Institution Care Regular Expenditure Records
277 Federal Applications - Originals
277A Federal Applications - Copies
296 Year-to-date Vendor/Child Listing
329 Central Files Chron File
500 Adoption Case Records
500D Adoption Case Records - Milwaukee County
648 Central Files Internal Forms
668 Central Files Check Out Forms
684 Audio-Visual Public Information Material
700 Videotapes
760 Foster Home Licensing Files
781 Interstate Compact on Placement of Children
781A Interstate Compact on Placement of Children -Foster Care/Adoptions
819 Adoption Assistance Data Base
819A Adopt Assist Status Report for Overpayment (Adopt Assist Data Base Output)
1081B Title IV-E Eligibility - Pre-Adoptive Cases
1085 SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Application Assistance Files
352A Central Recoveries Enhanced System (CRES)
400B Licensing Files - Purged Material

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