Rate Regulation

The 2009-2011 budget passed June 29, 2009, and it included a State regulated provider rate and authorization to freeze rates. This action froze all group home rates, residential care center rates, and the administrative rates for private child placing agencies, through 2010 at the 2009 levels

Beginning in 2011, the State was required to establish each year (1) the per client rate that a group home or residential care center may charge for its services and (2) the per client administrative rate that a child welfare agency may charge for the administrative portion of its treatment foster care services.

An Advisory Committee was formed that includes stakeholders from the following: group homes, residential care centers, private child placing agencies, State government, County government and Wisconsin Association of Family and Children's Agencies (WAFCA).


DSP Rate Regulation Memos

DCF Approved Rates

        Child Placing Agencies

       Group Homes

    • 2016  Updated 2/19/2016
    • 2015
    • 2014   Updated 09/03/2014
    • 2013   Updated 01/24/2013
    • 2012   Updated 05/18/2012
    • 2011   Updated 09/21/2011

        Residential Care Centers

Performance Based Measures (PBM)


Provider Cost and Service Report 2017  (Excel, 3298 kb)

Provider Cost and Service Report 2014 Webinar (Available May 1st)

DCF-F-2794 Extraordinary Payment Request Form

DCF-F-2696  Proposed Rate Request Form

DCF-F-2809  Request for Rate Regulation Exception

Rate Regulation Advisory Committee

Contact Information for Rate Regulation

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