Benefits and Services Guidebook for Immigrant and Refugee Families

This guidebook provides information to assist you in determining eligibility for families applying for various public benefits. The guidebook includes resources useful to both case workers and families including basic definitions, resources to determine eligibility for federal and state benefits, and federal and state organizations to help families access certain services.

  • Immigration Status: Definitions and Resources - Links contained in this section will connect you with information on how to: accurately define an immigration status; access applications for particular immigration statuses; obtain employment; bring your family to the United States; file for permanent residence.
  • Benefits and Eligibility - Links contained in this section will connect you to information regarding: eligibility requirements for federal and state benefits (SSI, Food Stamps, TANF, Medicaid and Emergency Medicaid, Housing, Energy Assistance, School meals, etc.); application processes; verification of immigrant status.
  • Local Resources - Find local resources (by county) that can provide direct service or other assistance for immigrant and refugee families. Contact information and additional resources will be added as they become available.
  • Additional Resources - Links in this section will connect you with information regarding how to: address language barriers; access an advocate; access civil surgeons, federally funded health care centers and free clinics.

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