Kinship Care Program:  Legislative History

  • 1995 Wisconsin Act 289 created s. 48.57(3m), (3p) and (3t), Stats., which authorize a county or tribal child welfare agency to make a monthly payment of $215, called a kinship care benefit, to an approved relative to help the relative provide care and maintenance for the child. These payments started on January 1, 1997 and by January 1, 1998 had fully replaced AFDC payments for non-legally responsible relatives.
  • The kinship care statutes were amended effective January 1, 1998, by 1997 Wisconsin Act 27, to make the Department responsible for administration of the child welfare system, including the kinship care program, in Milwaukee County.
  • The statutes were amended again in April 1998 by 1997 Wisconsin Act 105 to add sub. (3n), relating to long-term kinship care; in June 1998 by 1997 Wisconsin Act 237 to direct the Department to promulgate rules which set forth criteria for determining the eligibility of a kinship care relative to receive the monthly kinship care payment; in May 2000 by 1999 Wisconsin Act 103 to clarify that a caregiver relative must apply for other forms of assistance for which the child may be eligible; in May 2000 by 1999 Wisconsin Act 133 to allow payments beyond age 18 under certain conditions; and in May 2000 by 1999 Wisconsin Act 162 to make technical changes to the definition of relative.

Additional information relating to the Kinship Care Program is:

  • Administrative Code DCF 58 - Eligibility for the Kinship Care and Long-Term Kinship Care Program (exit DCF)

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