DCF DECE Technical Assistance Memos

Division of Early Care and Education (DECE) publishes Technical Assistance Memos when changes to current child care operating systems go into effect. These memos are distributed to Economic Support Supervisors and Child Care Coordinators.

To sign up to receive DECE Technical Assistance Memos, please subscribe to the DECE Administrator's Memo email list at the bottom of this page: http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/childcare/admin/default.htm.

Memo Number Release Date Description
DECE-BELP-2014-15 12/19/14 CWW and CSAW Enhancements to Support Kinship Care Cases
DECE-BELP-2014-13 12/18/14 CDPU Return Address on Child Care Documents
DECE-BELP-2014-12 11/17/14 Error Prone Profiles
DECE-BELP-2014-11 10/22/14 Rate Increase
DECE-BELP-2014-10 11/20/14 CSAW System Change - Amended
DECE-BELP-2014-09 09/11/14 CDPU Return Address on CC Only SMRF
DECE-BELP-2014-08 08/04/14 Approved Activity Code for W-2 Placements and Tribal TANF Enrollments
DECE-BELP-2014-07 07/25/14 New Warning in CARES Worker Web (CWW)
DECE-BPI-2014-01 06/17/14 Changes to Positive Payment Adjustments in Child Care Statewide Administration on the Web (CSAW)
DECE-BELP-2014-06 06/16/14 Added Parameters for Full and Part Time Rate Codes for Licensed Providers
DECE-BELP-2014-05 06/16/14 CSAW Enhancement - Authorization Comments AMENDED
DECE-BELP-2014-04 06/16/14 CSAW System Change
DECE-BELP-2014-03 04/11/14 Wisconsin Shares Provider Guide
DECE-BELP-2014-02 03/28/14 Automating Wisconsin Shares Payment Rates
DECE-BELP-2014-01 03/18/14 Change in CSAW to Indicate That a Child Is No Longer in the Assistance Group
DECE-BCCA-2013-18 12/09/13 CSAW Provider Search Enhancement
DECE-BCCA-2013-17 11/18/13 Child Care Application and Intake Interviews
DECE-BCCA-2013-16 10/04/13 Maximum County Rate Change
DECE-BCCA-2013-15 09/09/13 Updates to Payment Adjustment Reason Codes
DECE-BCCA-2013-14 09/09/13 CSAW and CCPI User Guides
DECE-BCCA-2013-13 09/06/13 New Child Care Manual Rate Worksheets
DECE-BCCA-2013-12 08/27/13 Addition of Child Care Fair Hearings to the Fair Hearing Tracking Tool
DECE-BCCA-2013-11 TBD In Process
DECE-BCCA-2013-10 08/14/13 Program Integrity Enforcement System (PIES) Enhancements
DECE-BCCA-2013-09 08/14/13 CSAW Provider Return and Recovery Page Enhancements
DECE-BCCA-2013-08 04/24/13 Child Care Intentional Program Violation (IPV) Automation
DECE-BCCA-2013-07 03/29/13 Child Care Providers with Shares Authorizations
DECE-BCCA-2013-06 02/22/13 Establishing Child Care Client Overpayment Claims Using Office 50
DECE-BCCA-2013-04 02/14/13 Automated Notice of Missed Interview Enhancement
DECE-BCCA-2013-03 01/23/13 SharePoint Site Access: Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Administration
DECE-BCCA-2013-02 01/23/13 PIES YoungStar Enhancements
DECE-BCCA-2013-01 01/18/13 Child Care Attendance Reporting Enhancement - Sort by Age/Date of Birth


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