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CSAW Training

The Child Care training presentations are consolidated on this page and they are intended for county/tribal staff use. The links include file type and file size information. Some of these files are very large and the time it takes for them to download will vary depending on your connection speed.

CSAW - Basics

  • This guide includes detailed information about the following topics:

  • Introduction to CSAW - system availability, downtime calendar, system requirements

  • How to gain access to CSAW

  • Passwords

  • Navigation, monitor settings

  • Help function

  • Reports

Provider Management:

Includes the provider demographic screens and related functionality such as regulatory information, accreditation, rates, comments, EFT, etc

Authorization Management:

Includes authorization-related screens, school bank hours, education tracking, etc. Note: Attendance entry is done using CCPI!

Program Integrity Enforcement System (PIES)

Information and training for calculating over and underpayments using the PIES module in CSAW.

Child Care Provider File (CCPF):

Interface between licensing database and CSAW. Explains how provider records are transferred from the licensing database to CSAW.

Issuance Management:

Includes all payment related screens.

12-Month Review:

New Child Care Review Process and 6-Month Reporting Requirement.

Updated July 30, 2015

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