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Child Care Statewide Administration on Web (CSAW)

CSAW is a secure web-based application that is accessible only by child care administrative agencies for the purpose of administering the Wisconsin Shares program.

  • Authorization Management: Use this module to write new authorizations, view existing authorizations, end or delete authorizations, track parent education months, review a case activity summary, view school bank hours, and review case utilization.
  • Provider Management: Use this module to view all child care provider records and to create in-home or out-of-state child care providers, you will use this module also to update provider rates, review issuance history, and record EFT information.
  • Issuance Management: Use this module to view issuance information, to record positive payment adjustments, and request a stop payment of a missing or lost check.
  • Program Integrity Enforcement System (PIES): Use this module to calculate over and under payments for child care providers or for parents.

CSAW is accessible only by child care administrative agencies. The site is not accessible to the public.

Security Access Guide for Child Care Agency Workers



Updated March 02, 2016

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