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Child and Family Services Review

The Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) is the evaluation of a state's child welfare system by the Federal government. The CFSR focuses on program outcomes for child safety, permanency, and child and family well being. The review evaluates the state capacity to deliver child welfare services and program outcomes. The following links provide information pertaining to the CFSR:

CFSR Round Two Overview Presentation

Quality Service Review

QSR is a qualitative review which drills down to what is really occurring in the case to understand what is working and why. It looks at the impact of services on the children and families receiving them and if the most appropriate and viable services are in place. This process is used in many other states, as well as throughout Wisconsin, to assess quality case management.

Results from Quality Service Review, February 2010

Results from Quality Service Review, July 2008,

Results of Quality Service Review, December 2006


KidStat is an approach to see, measure, and track the results DCF is achieving for families as well as to identify specific areas and opportunities for improvement. Launched in July 2009, the Department uses KidStat to ensure that the Department is having a real and lasting impact on the critical issues facing Wisconsin's children and families. Each Division has identified Real Results, which capture DCF's commitments to the children and families it serves. For each Real Result, there are several performance measures for which data is displayed and discussed during monthly meetings. The first KidStat Performance Report was released on April 16, 2010 and shows program progress during the first six months of KidStat meetings. Reports will now be released quarterly.

  1. KidStat Quarter 4 2010 Performance Report
  2. KidStat Quarter 3 2010 Performance Report
  3. KidStat Quarter 2 2010 Performance Report
  4. KidStat Quarter 1 2010 Performance Report
  5. KidStat 2009 Performance Report

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