Brighter Futures Initiative: Site Plans and Reports

Due to the wide range of projects, strategies and activities associated with Brighter Futures funding, a variety of evaluation tools and measures are used by each site to determine project effectiveness. The flexible, community-driven approach of the Brighter Futures Initiative (BFI) encourages innovative strategies and partnerships as well as program modifications through each site's outcomes analysis. The BFI Lead Agencies are responsible for selecting and monitoring subcontractors and service providers to ensure programmatic and fiscal accountability.

Annual BFI Plans include a Site Narrative (overview of prevention projects and prevention coordination efforts); Individual Project Descriptions (demographics, blended funding streams and resources, community partners, theory of change, anticipated project outcomes and measurement tools); Budget.

Annual BFI Reports submitted by the ten site coordinators include a Site Summary /Program Analysis (achievements, collaborations, as well as challenges and "lessons learned"); Individual Project Descriptions (numbers served/demographics, actual outcomes, mid-year adjustments or outcome modifications, participant anecdotes, etc.)


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Last Revised: April 10, 2013

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