Custody, Placement, and Visitation

Remember: Only the court may create, change, or enforce custody and placement orders. Neither the Wisconsin Child Support Program nor your local child support agency handles these matters.

Additional Questions Parents Ask about Custody, Placement, and Visitation

My court order set times that I can be with my kids. The other parent is not letting me see them. Can I stop paying support? What if the other parent is not paying support, can I refuse visitation?

No. Wisconsin family law draws a very definite line between the issues of physical placement (time with your children) and child support. This is to prevent children from being penalized due to disagreements between their parents. No parent may stop paying court-ordered support because the other parent denies court-ordered placement. Nor can a parent deny court-ordered visitations because the other parent is not paying court-ordered support. If you are being denied your placement rights, contact your local family court commissioner, or click here for links to court forms you can use to ask the court to review/enforce placement orders. The court might refer parents who disagree on custody issues to the family court counseling service for mediation.

When my children are with the other parent, they are neglected. What should I do?

If you are concerned about safety issues or the environment at the other parent’s home, you should contact your local department of social or human services. These agencies are responsible for investigating suspected child abuse or neglect cases reported to them.

More Information on Child Support Roles and Responsibilities

Updated December 01, 2015

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