Wisconsin's Child Support Laws

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Law Subject
Chapter DCF 102 Child Support Cooperation for W-2
Chapter DCF 150
      Appendix A
      Appendix B
      Appendix C
      Appendix D
Child Support Percentage of Income Standard
Conversion Table
Work Sheet
Low-Income Payer Table
Birth Cost Amounts for Low-Income Payers
Chapter DCF 151 Establishment of Paternity of a Nonmarital Child
Chapter DCF 152 Child Support Administrative Enforcement
Chapter DCF 153 Child Support Incentive Payments
Chapter DWD 142 State Directory of New Hires
§ 49.852 Wis. Stats. Delinquent support payments; pension plans (Intercepting Lump Sum Pension)
§ 49.853 Wis. Stats. Financial Record Matching Program
§ 49.854 Wis. Stats. Liens Against  Property for Delinquent Support
§ 49.855 Wis. Stats. Certification of delinquent payments (Tax Intercept)
§ 49.856 Wis. Stats. Notification of delinquent payments (Intercepting  Judgments and Settlements)
§ 49.857 Wis. Stats. Administrative enforcement of support; denial, nonrenewal, restriction and suspension of licenses (License Suspension)
§ 767, Wis. Stats. Wisconsin Family Law
§ 769, Wis. Stats. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

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 Updated May 02, 2013

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