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Want child support services? Read Applying for Services. Then, if you never received public assistance (for example, W-2, AFDC, Medicaid), print, fill out, and turn in an application to your local child support agency. The applications are available in the Applying for Services section on this page, or on Applications. If you are receiving W-2 or other public aid, you should already be receiving child support services from your local child support agency.

Publications are generally available in two formats: for reading online, and for printing. Inside each document listed on this page is a link to the print format of that document. (Print formats PDF files require the free Adobe Reader; click the Adobe Reader icon to download Reader.) For help navigating PDF files, read Using Adobe Reader. To order bulk quantities of free child support materials, go to the Ordering Child Support Booklets, Brochures, and Forms page.

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All child support forms and publications are listed below, sorted by topic. If you don't find the information you are seeking, try the Subject Index, or the DCF Forms and Publications index.


Wisconsin Child Support Services

Child support services for moms and dads, including how payments are processed. Parents' and child support agencies' rights and responsibilities. Fees for certain services. Getting support, paying support, repaying birth costs. Find your local agency here.

Applying for Services

Print an application for child support services. If you are the parent, use the Parent's application. If you are the guardian, use the Guardian's application.

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Guardian's Application
Guardian's Application-Spanish
Parent's Application
Parent's Application-Hmong
Parent's Application-Spanish

Child Support, Medicaid & W-2

Wisconsin's laws about W-2, including cooperation and good cause. Laws requiring repayment of birth costs, and getting health insurance for your dependents. See also Health Insurance & Birth Costs and Civil Rights.

Civil Rights

Your rights to receive information in a different language, appeal a cooperation decision, and the forms for filing an administrative complaint or a good cause claim.

Confidentiality & Privacy Protection

Child support agencies must protect your confidentiality and privacy. Print forms authorizing release of confidential information, or requesting privacy protection.

Enforcing Support Orders

Tools child support agencies and/or courts may use to collect child support, including putting a lien on real and/or personal property, suspending licenses, intercepting pension payments, seizing financial accounts. How to set up a payment plan with the child support agency.

Fatherhood (Paternity)

The benefits of establishing legal fatherhood, either through court action or through voluntary paternity acknowledgment.

Health Insurance & Birth Costs

Information about repaying birth costs, and getting and/or providing health insurance for your dependents.

To order bulk quantities of the free documents we make available through Wisconsin's Document Sales, click this link: Some documents are only available online. You may print the online materials (PDF) from this page, or from the Printing Child Support Booklets, Brochures, and Forms page:

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