First Time Users

Click here to view a short video on how to create an account, then press the "Step 1" button below to begin the 3-step process.

First-Time Users ~ 3-Step Process
Register for a Logon ID. Already have a Logon ID? You may go directly to Step 2.

Request a KIDS Key. To protect your privacy, the KIDS Key will be mailed to you at the address your child support agency has on file. This letter will be mailed within the next 10 business days. When you receive the letter with your KIDS Key, complete Step 3.

Activate Your Account Access. Use the KIDS Key which will be mailed to you to complete this step.
(see Step 2)

Help for First Time Users

The instructions on this page explain how to set up a new account to access your Wisconsin child support payment information. You may print this page (or keep it open in another window) for reference during the process.

Before starting the three-step process of setting up a new account, you should read the information below carefully.

“Step 1” Button: Self Registration
The first thing you need to do is create a Wisconsin Logon ID, which you will need in order to access your child support account in KIDS. The “Step 1” button will take you to the web site where you create the Wisconsin Logon ID. Please write down the Logon ID and password you create exactly as you entered them and keep them in a safe place, such as your wallet. Do not share this ID and password.

“Step 2” Button: Request a KIDS Key
When you have created a Wisconsin Logon ID, return to this page and click on the “Step 2” Button. You will be asked to enter your name and either your Social Security number or your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the KIDS system that identifies your KIDS account. (Your PIN can be found on the monthly Statement of Account, on child support check stubs, and on most letters that you receive from the child support agency.)

A letter will be sent to you in a few days (at the address that is on record for you in KIDS) that will contain a KIDS Key (a random set of ten numbers and letters). You will use the KIDS Key only once, in Step 3, to link your Wisconsin Logon ID and password combination to your account in KIDS. This KIDS Key will work only with the Wisconsin Logon ID and password you were using when you requested the KIDS Key. This letter could take 2-5 days to get to you. Please be patient and wait for this letter to arrive. If you request another KIDS Key, the first one will be invalidated and will not work to link your Wisconsin Logon ID to your KIDS account, and you will have to wait for another letter with a new KIDS Key before you can complete Step 3.

“Step 3” Button: Activate Your Account Access
When you receive the letter that contains your KIDS Key, (usually 2-5 days after you request the KIDS Key in Step 2), use the Step 3 button to activate your account access. The KIDS Key does not replace the password you created with your Wisconsin Logon ID. The KIDS Key creates a link between your Wisconsin Logon ID and password and your account on KIDS. You only need to create this link once.

When your KIDS Key has been accepted, the link to your account will be made (it may take a minute or two; you will get a message asking you to wait) and you will see the “Welcome” screen for the payment information. At this point you will not need the KIDS Key again. When you want to return to your payment information in the future, go to the “Welcome to Wisconsin Child Support Online Services” page, and click on the “Logon” button. You will be prompted to enter your Wisconsin Logon and password, and then will go directly to your payment information.

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