Mailing Support Payments

Please include a payment coupon when mailing in a support payment. This ensures that your payment will be applied to your account.

You may use one of these Payment Coupons:

When mailing your support payment:

  • Be sure to include the right coupon
  • Write your KIDS PIN or Social Security number on your check or money order - payable to the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund or "WI SCTF"
  • Send your payment and coupon to:
    PO Box 74200
    Milwaukee, WI 53274-0200

Important points:

  • Do not give your coupons to your employer. Employers receive special forms for withholding support and R&D fees.
  • Use the correct coupon for your payment. The different coupons instruct the Trust Fund to apply your payment to support or to R&D fees. If you use the incorrect coupon, your payment will be applied to the wrong balance.

    • Use the Payment Coupon for paying support, past-due support, and interest.
    • Use the R&D Fee Coupon to only pay your R&D fee.

  • Do not use these coupons to make payment as part of an agreement with your child support agency to avoid an enforcement action connected with the Lien Docket. For these types of payments, contact your local child support agency for a special form.
  • To make a payment on past-due support, you may use your Payment Coupon. To apply the payment to a specific court case, you must "designate" the payment to that court case. Write the court case number on the "Designated Court Case?" line, and check the box to the right of that line. See a sample payment coupon. If you owe current support for the court case you selected, the payment will first pay the current support due for the selected case.

If you have a question about your coupons, please call the KIDS Information Line, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Central Time).

More Information for Parents Paying Support

Updated December 01, 2015

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