Wisconsin Child Support Debit Cards Reissued Due to Target Breach

On December 23, the Wisconsin Bureau of Child Support was notified that 3,824 Wisconsin Child Support EPPIC MasterCard accounts were affected by a security breach resulting from purchases at Target stores between November 27th and December 15th. EPPIC initiated automated calls to these cardholders and was able to successfully contact 3,000 to notify them of the breach affecting their cards and the spending restrictions imposed. Thursday January 9th, EPPIC will be issuing replacement cards to these 3,824 cardholders. If you are one of these customers, your existing card will remain "live" (i.e. able to be used) until the new card is activated, or until January 23rd when EPPIC will cancel any of these 3,824 existing cards still in use. These replacement cards will be free of charge and will not count as the free replacement card allowed annually for 2014.

If your card has been affected, EPPIC will also place phone messages to you notifying you of the replacement card issuance and pending cancellation of your existing card. To see the letter that will be sent with the replacement card or to see the automated phone message that will be placed, see the links below:

To determine if your card was affected by the breach and will be reissued, or to report any suspicious of fraudulent card activity, please contact EPPIC customer service at 1-877-253-3686.

Updated January 09, 2014

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