Child Support Guidelines for Split-Placement Cases

If the court orders the placement of one or more children with each parent, the court may use the split-placement guidelines. The court may prorate the Percentage Standard for each child in split-placement based on the total number of children.

Prorated percentages:

Each of the percentages below are applied to the parent's income for child support:

  • Cases with 2 children, 12.5% of income for each child (25% divided by 2)
  • Cases with 3 children, 9.67% of income for each child (29% divided by 3)
  • Cases with 4 children, 7.75% of income for each child (31% divided by 4)
  • Cases with 5 children, 6.8% of income for each child (34% divided by 5)

Example for split-placement

Parents have 3 children
Parent A: Monthly income is $3,000
               Has placement of 2 children
Parent B: Monthly income is $2,800
               Has placement of 1 child

  Parent A Parent B
Monthly income for Child Support $3,000 $2,800
Multiply the Monthly Income by the prorated Percentage based on the number of children living with the other parent x 9.67%
(1 child x 9.67%)
x 19.34%
(2 children x 9.67%)
The parent with the highest dollar amount in this line will be the parent who pays support. $290 $542
Offset – subtract the amount for Parent A’s (the lower amount) from the amount for Parent B (the higher amount). Parent B will pay $252 (estimate). $542 - $290 = $252

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Updated June 20, 2012

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