Court Orders - for Child Support & Medical Support

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The Wisconsin Child Support Program can help you establish a child support order or medical support order if you apply for child support services. Parents who are receiving certain public assistance automatically get child support services and do not have to apply for them. See Child Support and Aid/Benefit Programs for more information.

Wisconsin courts use the guidelines in the Child Support Percentage of Income Standard for setting support amounts. The standard assumes that both parents share part of their income with their children when they live together, and should do the same when they live apart. It is important to understand that only a court can set or change a support order.

Either parent or both parents may be ordered to provide medical support for their child.

If you get or apply for child support services from your local child support agency, your agency will:

  • Ask the court for an order for child support and medical support.
  • Send an income withholding notice to the paying parent's employer.
  • Send a medical support notice to the employer of the parent who is ordered to provide health insurance for the children.
  • Monitor and enforce court orders for child support and medical support.
  • Help, when asked, with the review of your order for a needed change. Reviews are offered every three years and may also be done after a substantial change.
  • Ask the court to change an order if a review shows a change is needed.
  • Provide child support attorneys to handle legal issues connected with obtaining and enforcing a child support order. However:
    • This service does not include giving parents legal advice.
    • The child support attorney does not represent either parent. The attorney who appears at your court hearing is there to represent the interests of the state.
    • There is no attorney-client relationship between parents and child support attorneys.

Additional Information Regarding Child Support Orders

Updated December 01, 2015

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