Applying for Services

All parents paying and receiving child support automatically receive "financial management services." Child support agencies can provide parents and legal guardians full child support services also known as "case management services" if they apply for them. If one parent applies, both parents receive child support services. Families in many aid/benefit programs automatically get child support services and do not have to apply for them. However, if the court changes the child's primary placement, the parent with the new primary placement order will need to reapply for services.

To apply for services:

Applications for Parent Locate-Only Services

Federal regulations require child support agencies to provide all services that are proper for a case. A parent or guardian may not choose limited services except for the "parent locate-only services" option. If this is the only service that you would like to apply for, select the "Only Locate (a parent) Services" box on the application form. A $25 fee applies.

Download an Application Form

Updated December 01, 2015

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