The Wisconsin Child Support Program

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The Wisconsin Child Support Program helps parents get court orders for financial and medical support for their children. It also enforces those orders when needed, and makes sure that all money collected is paid out correctly. Learn more about child support services for parents.

If you are already receiving child support services, you can update your address and phone number, access your payment information, see upcoming appointments, see some enforcement case events, and print payment coupons. You can do all of this by signing up or signing in to Child Support Online Services.

Update your contact information including changes in employment.

Click here for information about applying for direct deposit, changing your current account information, or ending direct deposit. If you decide that you would like your child support collection deposited directly into your bank account, fill out the Direct Deposit Form.

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Information for Birth Hospitals and Midwives

Child Support Resources

Note: The State Bureau of Child Support does not manage individual child support cases. To address your case specific concerns, please contact your local Child Support Agency.

Updated July 01, 2015

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