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   Service Desk Process


Service Desk Process
See below for a list of benefits and changes to our new and improved service desk process.

What do I do if I have an eWiSACWIS question or a problem?
To report problems or request assistance with the eWiSACWIS application, contact the DCF Service Desk.

     Telephone: (608) 264-6323 , Toll-free: (855) 264-6323 or 414-264-6323 (Milwaukee)

What are the DCF Service Desk hours of operation?
The DCF Service Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report any issues or concerns. In the past, service desk staff answered all calls outside of normal business hours, and logged a ticket for next business day resolution. With the new process, the DCF Service Desk will only be staffed by technicians during normal business hours; however, any calls outside of these hours will be transferred to voicemail for next business day resolution which is identical to the previous process.

The Service Desks are answered by technicians during the following business hours. Please note that the DCF Service Desk is not staffed on Weekends or State Holidays.

DCF Service Desk
Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

eWiSACWIS Service Desk
Monday – Friday
7:45 AM – 4:30 PM

eWiSACWIS password resets will continue to be administered by the Department of Administration (DOA) Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) Service Desk. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reset your password. See the service desk phone tree structure below for password resets and 403 forbidden errors.

What happens to my call?
The DCF Service Desk is setup with a phone tree structure. When you call the new DCF Service Desk, you will be greeted with an automated message that will assist in directing your call to the appropriate Service Desk technician.

     Select Option 1 for PC, networking or telephone related questions for State DCF employees.

     Select Option 2 for non-eWiSACWIS password resets or other security related questions.

     Select Option 3 for eWiSACWIS related questions.

     Select Option 4 for DCF Web Application related questions such as KCTS and WANDA.

When selecting Option 3, you will be greeted with an additional automated message that will assist in directing your call based on whether you have a password reset / a 403 forbidden error or an application question.

     Select option 1 for eWiSACWIS password resets or 403 forbidden errors.

     Select option 2 for all other eWiSACWIS related questions.

In the event that a DCF Service Desk technician is not available to answer your call or if you are calling outside of normal business hours, your call will be transferred to voicemail. A helpdesk ticket will be automatically generated for you and transferred to the eWiSACWIS Service Desk in a timely manner.

What information should I provide?
The following information is critical when you contact the DCF Service Desk either by telephone or email. Please provide the same information when leaving a voicemail.

Provide your correct name, telephone number and email address to facilitate a quick return response.

Write down the “ticket” or problem reference number you are given. This number is key to being able to efficiently track the status of a call.

Problem Details
To assist the eWiSACWIS Service Desk technicians when your ticket is assigned to them, please provide a brief but informative description of the problem. Information like the Case ID, Provider ID, Person ID and the page on which the problem occurs will facilitate a quicker response and resolution.

For case, provider and person records, the ID can be found at the top of the respective page.

Do not provide names of case or provider participants when either sending an email, talking to a Service Desk technician or when leaving a voicemail with your eWiSACWIS issue.

Remember that the first level DCF Service Desk technicians do not operate within the eWiSACWIS application, so the more detail you can provide, the better. State if the problem is affecting multiple users. This is especially important for technical problem calls.

Provide an estimate of severity:

System is inaccessible, no workaround to the problem exists, or a time-critical deadline exists for the worker.

Worker can perform other activities in the application but it is vital to get the problem resolved quickly.

Enhancement requests, training questions (“How Do I…”), general questions and any problem that isn’t Urgent or Critical.

When will I receive a reply?
The response times have not changed and will vary according to the severity of your call. Therefore, it is important to give the Service Desk technician an idea of how severe your situation is. The response to eWiSACWIS application problems are prioritized based on severity as follows:

Calls are responded to within 30 minutes during normal business hours.
Calls are responded to within 1 hour during normal business hours.
Calls are responded to within 4 hours during normal business hours.
Please note that all voicemail left outside of business hours will not be addressed until the following business day.

What if my call is critical?
As an added benefit, we have added a new process for critical calls. Your calls are important to us and we strive to respond to all calls quickly. If your call is deemed critical, your call will be transferred during normal business hours to the first available eWiSACWIS Service Desk technician.

We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions to improve communication. Please send your feedback to

Jenny Bundrage
State of Wisconsin
Bureau of Information Technology Services (BITS)
125 South Webster Street, Room 321
Madison, WI 53703-3474



Updated June 30, 2016

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